CAD design model & manufacturing – Jurassic park

It was a highly funded 6 month project, based at pinewood studio’s. At first, i was asked to re make the previous movies CAD design model which were in mesh formats so required months of reverse egineering. This was an ambitious task. Due to, the vehicle being a construction of hundreds of unique components. However, I of course cannot share project files (CAD models, renders etc) as I’m contracted under NDA to never share any documentation. Although, the movie is out, with uplcose shots of the gyrosphere vehicle.


Studio cad design model – process

Firstly, I remodelled all 136 parts that made up the cad design model. Then proceeded, constructing a large assembly using solidworks. Furthermore, we created a entirely custom chassis, dissimilar from the previous model. In addition, I produced all manufacture and CAM drawings for every part from structural components down to every last nut and bolt. Moreover, I also oversaw the CAM production, logistically speaking with the large in-house production crew.


It is by far the largest cad design model project I’ve worked on to date! It was a great privilage, working with the highest skilled engineers in the UK movie production industry.



My role demanded a lot of responsibility. Firstly, i was in charge of creating every 3D CAD design model, Secondly, the manufacture drawings. Thirdly, liasing with over 90 engineers. After that, outsourcing all large 5 axis milling, 3d printing, laser & waterjet cutting. The list goes on and on. In addition, the excersise taught me lots about large assemblies and how important file management is in projects of this nature. Most of work is much smaller scale so I was able to discover more about tolerances with large builds and the challenges involved with construction and assembly. Lots of the work we did is underneath the exterior shell which you cant see. The entire cad design model had a large base with a skeleton frame to tie it all together structurally.


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