How can 3D CAD help me?
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What will it cost? Why do I need it?
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Computer Aided Design
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Firstly, let’s start with exactly: what does 3d CAD stand for? It stands for ‘three-dimensional computer aided design’, meaning a design made on a computer. 3D CAD designs or drawings can be viewed on a computer screen as a real physical part. In addition, can be viewed, edited, and shared instantly. Some CAD designs are made for animating a movie for example, this cad would always stay ‘on screen’, other cad my be intended for producing a real life object.



 3d computer aided design files are not just pictures. They provide the digital blueprints that machines require to manufacture the design. For example, if you were cnc cutting a bracket, the 3d cad would be transferred to the software that controls the machines. Thereafter, the geometry is converted to cutting paths and the machine begins to produce the design. 

 In addition, a 3d cad model is a ‘virtual reality object’ which contains the same properties as a real-world object. The digital geometry allows us to calculate exact properties like: material, sizing, weight, visual & mechanical properties, to name a few.  Furthermore, the virtual design tells us how the product will behave in the real world, even before its prototyped. 

Proper 3D Cad software can run 100’s of calculations at once. Moreover, we can analyse dynamic forces between parts in large assemblies. Also, We test how each part interacts with real life motion so we can evaluate how they should be made with data driven design. High quality pictures can be rendered directly from the CAD file to create life like images of your design.  Finally, once we have created a 3D CAD Model there are very little limitations to exact specific information one would want to know about their design.

3D CAD Design

How to get started
Firstly, sketching the design on paper specifying dimension.... Any sketch is better the no sketch so email over to us at info@3dcaddesignservices.co.uk
Include any images you have, of similar products, for our reference.
Secondly, once we have fully defined your brief, we establish whether we’re the right designers for your project or not. Usually, we setup a video meeting with you to discuss further details. Quite often design sessions start live then we tidy up off line.
Thereafter, we begin creating your design in solidworks, regularly sending you 3d models to review. Our CAD designers are available on skype any time. Furthermore, if you want to check in and see whats going on you are always welcome to give us a buzz.
Finally, Once the CAD design is approved and ready for testing we 3d print in 3-6 days. We can provide costing on a large range of material options. Accordingly, we’ll suggest which materials are best for your design and budget requirements.

How can 3D design help me build my product?

There are hundreds of individual reasons 3D CAD design software is useful for designing products. Usually, the 3D CAD design is the central hub of information. From visuals to calculations, or even just a organised list of parts. Above all, a cad design file can streamline the development process in every way you can imagine.


Complex geometry

Want to form a design with curvey geometry? nice organic shapes? 3D CAD software can create complex curvature using complex curves & splines.


Build large assemblies

Building designs can be complex, especially those with multiple components. 3D CAD software helps simplify and manage the difficulties dynamic products


Simulate motions

Motions and forces can be very hard to describe. Simulations allow us to quantify forces and study how bodies intereact wit one another.


Build intelligent models

Parametric or 'code driven modelling' automonously generates geometry based on mathmatical parameters set by the CAD designer.


CAM Manufacturing

CAM stands for 'computer aided manufacturing'. This refers to the process of a manufacting machine making a product with the use of a cad file.


Study mechanics

Basic mechanical studies can be performed to gather data that describes exactly how strong your product so designs can be tailored to load requirements.


Production costing

With all projects costing is a key concern. CAD designs can be used to quantify production costing in small and large quantities.


File management

Tracking what is and isnt working during development is a miticulous exercise. 3d cad software helps store and compile records so development can be analysed retrospectively

3D Design Costing Examples

How much does 3d design cost? Costing in our case is based on the number of hours it takes to complete your design. We charge between £30-40/hour. Each project varies in complexity so the price is always different. Below is 3 examples of products we’ve modelled ranging from easy to hard, to give you a better understanding of how much your design may cost.

Simple £80
Simple design taking just 2 hours. Its a single body, the geometry is not complex and there is a small amount of variables. Low detail with no aesthetic considerations.
Medium £450
Medium complexity design taking approximately 2 days. Single body but bolts to other components. the geometry is slightly complex and there is dozens of variables.
Complex £2500
Complex design taking approximately 10 days. Multiple bodies with dynamic motion. tight tolerances, multiple configurations & hundreds of variables.
What is Solid Modelling?

Firstly, a designer creates drawings of a object from different perspectives, on paper. Ideally, front, side and top views are illustrated seperately, to describe the rea life object.

Furthermore, solid modeling allows designers to transform those 2d sketches into 3D models. The resulting object has a volume, a boundary surface, holes and so on. Solid models are made up of surfaces. A model can begin as surfaces, with some ‘knitting’ it can become a solid model. Typically, solid modelling is chosed over surface modelling as its much faster. In General, surface modelling is neccessary when building curvey geometry as solid modelling cant achieve all the shapes one might want.

What is Surface Modelling?

Surface Modeling is the fragmented method of representing solid objects. 

In a CAD environment it is possible to fully produce a model using only surface modeling. However, many applications require a watertight solid mesh to help interact with the digital model. 

In addition, surface modelling has freedoms solid doesnt. Surface modeling lets you build out faces individually. Thus, giving you control over the exact contour and direction in 3d space. Neither solid or surface are wrong or right, its entirely dependent on the objects and its geometry

Parametric Modelling

Parametric modelling is the creation of a 3d cad model based on a series of pre-defined rules/algorithms known as ‘parameters’. one parameter can be linked to another with a mathmatical relationship like a distance or tangency.

This form of modelling was invented by Rhino software that evolved from AutoCAD. Parametric modelling’s key advantage being: the shape of model geometry can be changed as soon as the parameters have been. Therefore, dimensions or curvatures are changed autonomously. Moreover, there is no need to redraw the model whenever it needs a change. This saves a great amount of modelling time.

To see how we can help design your model parametrically see our services.

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