Our Industrial Design Portfolio

About Us

We are plastic industrial design company, also known as Microworkshops. 3DCadDesignServices utilises CAD and 3d printing, through Solidworks. We aim to bring a complete plastic product design package. Aiming to cater from initial design sketches. Second, cad design. Third, 3d printed prototypes. And thereafter, mold flow analysis, to a cost effective injection mold design. Finally, ready for our partner molders in Shenzhen. For a more in depth look into what microworkshops can offer you, scroll down for our industrial design portfolio. Also, click here to download one of our free service PDF’s.

The Industrial Design Problem

A common and costly mistake made by many, is choosing an industrial designer with little experience in the manufacture process. The issue comes after a designer has delivered a product that looks great and is functional. However, in many cases, is just not cost effective, or unable,to manufacture. This can mean going back to the drawing board. And therefore, having to fork out the costly expense of a designer all over again.

In addition, Any product that is ready for manufacture needs a thorough RFQ (Request For Quotation). There are many parameters that must be considered, when talking to the factories to provide a quote on a part/ tooling costs. Some include: Gate number + locations, tool material and tolerance/quality, mold cycle/ cooling time, shrink rate of plastic and many more. This is to name a few. Click here for more detail.

In adddition, a designer should specify all the relevant data, in regards to the RFQ so that you get exactly what you ask for. If a crucial element is left open to interpret, chances are that, the part will be wrong. In a case where a certain aspect is too big, the entire tool must be remade. The factory will not be held responsible once you have approved the RFQ. Needless to say, this can be a very costly mistake when your tool costs $5000-$10000.

Our Solution

Microworkshops vision, is to deliver a complete and cost effective industrial design process. In which, we take every step forward with the end goal in mind. Firstly, we will first make sure that the design brief is missing nothing out that may impact the design process. For example, we would take into account any electronics to be housed. Also, any mechanisms will be tested to ensure the product will work. We ensure this through, 3d printed prototypes of the model in its basic most form. Then, moving on to making the model mold-able and looking great.

A brief history of microworkshops.

I’m Elliot Spencer Colley, a CAD/CAM Product Designer engineer with 11 years’ experience. I first gained my industrial design degree 9 years ago at Middlesex University. In addition, i’m a licensed & certified Solidworks CAD designer. These days, I run 3dcaddesignservices.co.uk, whch is geared towards plastic molded electronic casings. My company has progressed from just 1 Makerbot FDM printer in my warehouse abode and my two hands. Eventually I had 2 makerbots, a form 2. It was as much a hobby as it was a job.

Since then, I have fused my 3d printing know how into my knowledge of industrial design. To be specific, injection molded plastic products and solidworks cad software. From this I have been able to guide some of my clients through product development in its entirety. Some of my happy clients include: Disney, Bambrella, Nestle, Mpower Tools, J+D opticians, to name a few. In addition, i have developed many types of products, ranging from electronic enclosures, to knife sharpeners, injection molded components of hurricane proof umbrellas.  Furthermore, i even built the cad model for the ‘gyroshere’ in Jurassic park: fallen kingdom and was in charge of ordering all (100+) components for the build. More details of some of my previous work can be found in the experience section of my linkedin.