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Injection molded IOT enclosure Motion sensor


The device is a IOT WIFI enabled motion detector that send alert message to a mobile. My client owns a large events security firm.

The device is an injection molded IOT enclosure for a WIFI enabled motion detector that sends alerts to a mobile. My client owns a large events security firm. Many of the events were contracted to keep secure are large venues with restricted zones.


Most of these zones do not have CCTV and is not viable to install for 1 time events. Remote CCTV camera’s are large and hard to install so we needed to find another tech solution.

Some of these contracts budgets are too low to employ the hundreds of personnel required to monitor all the restricted zone gates. For this reason the client needed a device that can alert the foremen’s phone as to which restricted zones are being breached.


The foremen then has the information needed to dispatch the limited personnel to correct zone in need of monitoring. The injection molded iot enclosure senses movement with the in built HC-RS04 ultrasonic sensor. Then, the sensor sends a breaching signal to the arduino MKR1000 circuit board. The arduino then relays that data to the iot cloud. Registering the breach signial in the cloud initiates a sms text alert to any valid mobile number. The device is less then 1/10th of the camera cost in volume production which has made securing large venues more economic.

We used a Arduino MKR1000 board for development/testing. The injection molded iot enclosure is reopenable and easy to assemble.

Our IOT device design services

We can help develope your injection molded iot enclosure very rapidily as all our 3d CAD modelling and prototyping is done in house. Once your model is ready, its straight to print. 1-2 days later we do form, fit and function testing to ensure your design continues to evolve. For the most rapid development we ask our clients send us all the circuit components so we can do fitting ourselves. Our understanding or fitting and tolerances mean we take away any guessing work.

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