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Injection Molded Tiling Spacer


What problem does it solve? The client makes floor tiles and installs on request. These high quality tiles require a thinner gap

What problem does the injection molded tiling spacer solve? The client makes floor tiles and installs on request. These high quality tiles require a thinner grout line then the available spacers on the market. Furthermore, they also wanted to prevent tradesmen leaving the spacer inside the joint for a more robust grout line that’s easier to re-grout if ever needed.


Firstly, we quickly decided on the cross with circular base construction. I provided all the 3d prints and CAD modelling. In addition, we force simulated it to see how much force it could withstand, before reaching its elastic limit. These injection molded tiling spacers can withstand the weight ot of 3 adult males

Finally, i had my partner molder in shenzhen cut the multicavity mold tool and produced 20,000 units for this 1st run.


The tool is made from tool steel, high polished finish with 4 ejector pins. Neatly placed in a circular arrangement which actually ended up looking really nice. Tooling cost, for the injection molded tiling spacer, was only £600. This is about as cheap as a mold tool gets, without making one yourself. Usually a injection molded tiling spacer costs around £0.03/unit which is lower then our unit cost of £0.07. However we have a much lower volume order compared with typical spacers found in hardware stores.

Our Extrusion molded contacts

Upon completion of product testing we will provide tooling costs (from our OEM manufacturers in Shenzhen). Sourcing extrusion molding can be complex. It takes years to build proper relationships with molding factories so we take the pain out of the process. The more they know you, the more likley the quote will be accurate and fair. 

Our RFQ forms give our suppliers opportunities to make expert suggestions about how to make the tool most effectively. We also use simulations to measure and optermise cycle times, reducing unit cost. After the design is signed off it usually takes 3 weeks to begin mold trials. Mold trials take 1 week, the purpose of trials is to tailor the molding machines processing settings for your design.

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