Mass produced Knife Sharpener

2015-2016 - Mpower contacted me to produce design CAD drawings for the KS knife sharpener which is set to be manufactured early next year.

2015-2016 – Mpower contacted me to produce design CAD drawings for the KS knife sharpener. It has now been mass produced and sold through various outlets. The idea was to make a movable carraige that holds a diamond plate that sharpens blunt blade. In addition, it had to have ergonomic handling and fit for injection molding.


We were pragmatic in our approach. With my cheap FDM 3D printing, I was able to provide many prototypes, without running up a big bill. We made just over 15 prototypes before submitting for mass production. The neck of the handle tapers to a thin section, so we created a unique split line profile. The 2 tone color contrast highlights the split line, in the end we found this to be a fitting aesthetic.



We used patches of leather to strop metal shavings off the blade. The leather was strategically placed on the back where the user had freedom to move. It also served as a mass to hide the heads of the M3 self tapping screws. All the mounting bosses have small wings to ensure the plastic fully fills the deep cavities in the mold. The design has a uniform wall thickness and lip and groove feature to locate mating halves perfectly.


Final steps before mass production

Before submitting for manufacture we produced a Bill of materials construction drawing (which unfortunately we cant share TMI). We also output renders for marketting visuals. The knife sharpener was mass produced 2 years ago and seen great success since. In addition, is currently selling in retail and via mpowers website. I you’d like to see how product works and what it looks like in action, check the youtube video below


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