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Plastic Attachment for Diamond Plate tool


DC300 diamond plate grip is a small injection molded plastic component mpower asked me to model in 2015.

I was asked to model the DC300 diamond plate grip, in 2015. It is a small injection molded plastic attachment that creates a grippy knurled parttern surface for the fingers, as it holds the diamond plate (which sharpens metal surfaces). The molded design also serves as the ergonomic form required to create comfort even with repetitive use.


In addition, the plastic attachment is cored for efficient molding. The knurling on the upper face was more complicated to create that it looks. Sweeping the groove up the curved surfaces on the sides was the majority of the cad work. The rest of the form was very straight forward.

moreover, the raw modelling only took 7 hours. Furthermore, I did this on an over night train which didnt make things easier. After 3d modelling was complete we protoyped the plastic attachment with photopolymer resin. SLA printing captured the super fine knurl detailing which was only 500 microns mm in depth. We printed it at 25 microns. We also found that with fdm printing, the 0.4mm nozzle diameter would not produce the surface detailing correctly as groove spacing was only 0.2mm.


Great open and close case, is still selling as part of the core CRB6 range. To see a little about how it works click the youtube link here.

Want to discuss details about your own plastic molded design?

If you’d like to discuss your own plastic molded design with us, give us a call on 02030341334. We’d be happy to tell you everything need to know before you get started. If you’ve already started testing and want to know more about how to optermise the product for mass production nows a perfect time to get in touch

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