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Plastic Molded Chisel Sharpener


Another of the CRB range, I was asked to model and output the manufacture drawings for this extruded aluminium structure and injection molded fixtures. This took a few months of protoyping and development but was manufactured shotly after and had been selling via's toby's website and further distrubtors since 2016.

A plastic molded chisel sharpener of the CRB range. Firstly, I was asked to CAD model and output the construction drawings. Also, the structure was aluminium, complete with injection molded fixtures.


The plastic molded chisel sharpener took a few months of protoyping and development. Shortly after, it was made. Furthermore, has been selling via’s toby’s website and in further sellers since 2016. Above all, with great success.

The diamond stone plate is fixed in position by force from the chisel and magnets. The magnets were inserted into the plastic molded body for aesthetic purposes. They also enable a quick change action so when the plate is worn, it can be changed in seconds. The extruded aluminium base needed rubber molded feet which we prototped with TPU printing plastics.


All in all it was only a 5 part assembly so modelling was simple. Plastic, metal and rubber all have different coefficients of friction, this meant clearances between parts required fine tuning. 

We decided to make a separate molding for nylon tabs which friction fit to the body. Nylon is resistant to wear and has a low coefficient of friction, making it the perfect polymer for the connecting surfaces of the 2 mating bodies. In addition, When the nylon tabs are fully worn, the user can replace with fresh ones to preserve the product for longer. The whole product assembly is made from high strength polymers and 1020 grade aluminium. Ultimatly, robust materials were important because the operating and environmental conditions are demanding. 


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