3D CAD Design Price

A total fixed price can be arranged for your project. However, for this to be possible, the brief and deliverables must be very clearly defined. In Addition, Edits or changes will incur further charges. Given the iterative nature of design we mostly charge by the hour or the day. Moreover, the more hours you buy, the cheaper the rate. We try our best to never accept more work then we can handle but at times of heavy traffic, Our longer term clients will be served first, if your a new customer you will be informed on project lead times before work is intiated so you will have fair opportunity to decide if the lead time is acceptable.


8+ Hours

CAD Design Fee's
£ 30/Hour
  • Full Projects

1-8 Hours

CAD Design Fee's
£ 35/Hour
  • Simple Designs

1 Hour

CAD Design Fee's
£ 40/Hour
  • Quick Amendments

CAD Price to develop my product?

The price of developing 3d CAD models for your product depends upon how complex it is. The more complex, the more hours required, the more it costs. Unfortunately, the question ‘how much will my design cost’ requires many questions to be answered first.

Ball Park Figures

Above is a fraction of all the variables involved when designing complex products so if were not able to quote a price, its only because we don’t yet have enough information to be accurate. Of course, we will happily estimate ball park figures but the ball park figures are only as accurate as the information we receive. Any elements of your brief that are open to interpretation or undefined can reduce the quotes accuracy. Now that your informed on how the costing works, lets get into some examples, that way you can self-diagnose to a degree.
Click here to see typical designs and they full development cost

3D Design Costing Examples

How much does 3d design cost? Costing in our case is based on the number of hours it takes to complete your design. We charge between £30-40/hour. Each project varies in complexity so the price is always different. To give you a better understanding of how much your design may cost, below is 3 examples of products we’ve modelled ranging from easy to hard.

Simple £80

Simple design taking just 2 hours. Its a single body, the geometry is not complex and there is a small amount of variables. Low detail with no aesthetic considerations

Medium £450

Medium complexity design taking approximately 2 days. Single body but bolts to other components. the geometry is slightly complex and there are dozens of variables

Complex £2500

Complex design taking approximately 10 days. Multiple bodies with dynamic motion. tight tolerances, multiple configurations & hundreds of variables


How can I track the money Im spending?

 Upon request we will share a google sheet link with you. Its private too, just us and you. As many of our clients need just a 3rd or half days work done at a time we’ve developed a very simple, live timesheet. We ‘punch in & out’ using time stamps which tally the hours, dates & cost so you can check in on the running total whenever you like. It also helps highlight what parts of the development process is taking the majority of the labour.

What if I learn CAD design and do myself?

Learning CAD design is not easy but far from rocket science. You might be asking yourself should I learn how to do it myself? I frequently ask myself the same question about web design.

What I’ve come to learn is, there are some effective ways I can save myself money on building this website and there are some that are not effective. For example, I’m writing this text and I’ve uploaded it to the website, which is money I’ve just saved on web design labor. However, to arrange it neatly, set fonts and so on takes experience to do quickly. So, this my web designer does, as its cheaper for him to do it, then myself. The same is true for 3D CAD design, a certain percentage of the labor is basic tasks/skills, and the rest in medium or hard. If you want to effectively save yourself money without spending many years studying 3d cad design, there are ways to do it and we’d be delighted to discuss and explore ways we can do that with you.

I find it’s very helpful if my clients have some practical knowledge with 3d cad design so I highly encourage it. If you’re considering educating yourself then please get in touch or you can start by seeing some of our solidworks cad design tutorials.

How much to 3D print my design?
Below is a price guide to help you estimate the price of your print by size and material. There are 4 sizes. 5, 10, 15 & 20cm cubed.Each size shows printing cost for 3 different materials PLA, nylon & resin. Match your designs size to one of the below to show an approximate costing in a variety of materials.
5cm Height x 5cm Length x
5cm Depth
10cm Height x 10cm Length x
10cm Depth
15cm Height x 15cm Length x
15cm Depth
20cm Height x 20cm Length x
20cm Depth