3D CAD Design Services

At 3D cad design services, we design a variety of plastic products. All the way, from
prototyping stages through to mass produced designs. Our north London based, certified solidworks designers have 10+ years 3D CAD modeling experience. Furthermore, all our in-house
engineers have degrees in industrial design. And moreover, specialize in 3D CAD design and CAM manufacturing. In particular, injection molding and 3d printing. In addition, we have a large network of CAM manufactures. Some include: laser & CNC cutters, injection mold factories and tool makers. Therefore, we can take care of the labor and expertise related to managing your project.

 For a free consultation please call us on 02030341334. We’d be happy to hear from you. Also, send us your brief and sketches to info@3dcaddesignservices.co.uk We will reply with lead times and costs. Ultimatly, our mission is to find the cheapest & most effective way to produce proof of concept prototype, thats address form fit and function.


Our 3D CAD Design Services

3D CAD Design Services

Our CAD designers can assist with all aspects of the design process. Including: concepts, prototyping, material selection and sourcing manufacturing.


We provide laser scanning and manual measuring services. Have something precious that you can’t source? We may be able to help using scanning and 3d printing.


We specialize in taking plastic products through to mass production.Then tailor your design for molding during the prototyping stage rather than a after thought.


We offer SLA, FDM and SLS 3D printing technologies, lead times 3-7 days. No matter your design we will print a model that fits your criteria.

3D CAD Design Pricing

A total fixed price can be arranged for your project. However, for this to be possible, the brief and deliverables must be very clearly defined. In Addition, Edits or changes will incur further charges. Given the iterative nature of design we mostly charge by the hour or the day. The more hours you buy, the cheaper the rate. We try our best to never accept more work then we can handle but at times of heavy traffic, Our longer term clients will be served first, if your a new customer you will be informed on project lead times before work is intiated so you will have fair opportunity to decide if the lead time is acceptable. We pride ourselves on operating a fprofessional and consistent 3d cad design services thats fully transparent.


8+ Hours

CAD Design Fee's
£ 35/Hour
  • Full Projects

1-8 Hours

CAD Design Fee's
£ 40/Hour
  • Simple Designs

1 Hour

CAD Design Fee's
£ 45/Hour
  • Quick Amendments

Call us on 02030341334

To begin with, sketch your design on paper showing measurements. Afterwards, email over to us at info@3dcaddesignservices.co.uk It doesnt’ matter how bad the sketch is, it’s better than nothing. Include any images you have, of similar products, for our reference.
We receive your brief and sketches to establish whether we’re the right designers for your project. Usually, we setup a video meeting with you to discuss further details. After initial discussion we put together costing, timelines and deliverables.
Now the fun part starts! We create your design in solidworks regularly sending you 3d models to review. Our CAD designers are available on skype any time. Furthermore, if you want to check in and see whats going on you are always welcome.
Finally, the CAD design, approved and ready for initial testing, is ready to 3d print and make real. Then, we give you costing on a large range of material options. Accordingly, we’ll suggest which materials are best for your design and budget. 3-6 days later you’ll receive your product on your doorstep.
Why Do I need A 3D CAD File?

Primarily the reason is manufacturing machines need a CAD file to produce a product. In addition, a 3D CAD design file is the digital blueprints both humans and machines understand. Humans see a 3d object on screen. Whereas, manufacturing machines see code which it interprets as physical operations it will complete to produce the object. Furthermore, nearly all products; metal, plastic or wood, start as a sheet, solid block, powder or liquid. Shaping these raw materials into the final form requires either subtractive or additive manufacturing machines.

There are many other reasons why to use our 3d cad design services. Additional benefits include;



3D printers require CAD files to build the object. It also helps to keep digital record of each iteration.


SLS, SLA & FDM 3d printing delivered to your door in as little as 2-3 days
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Having a exact 3D Visual of your product allows you to share it in detail with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. .

Manage Projects

This is essential for development and marketting content


A production cost is vital to consider. To get accurate production cost all manufactures require a drawing.

Production Quotations

with a 3d design model built we can aquire production costing for many types of industrial manufacturing
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Computer simulations allow us to quantify and analyse forces to determine how and where your product could break.


We use force simulation to quantify data about your design

Mass producing your design with injection molding

Our 3D Cad design services specialises in designing products that are optimised for mass production. We ensure your product is ready for molding, so you can get the cheapest possible unit cost. Usually, we find the largest problem with injection molding is the large startup cost to cut a tool. Therefore, it is our mission to reduce this barrier to entry, which kills so many under funded projects. Our partner tool maker and injection molders are based in shenzhen, China. So our prices are competitive but more importantly the quality is high and the production is surprisingly fast.

Why Were Better

Over the years working for 3d cad design services I’ve identified the most common problems. Overwhelmingly I see many CAD designers don’t know enough about the manufacturing disciplines involved to have a truly holistic understanding of how to make objects on screen, work in real life. Only by achieving a greater appreciation of the manufacturing methods and techniques that a CAD designer can produce manufacturable, cost effective, good design. This is where we differentiate from your typical CAD designer. You may find cheaper CAD rates elsewhere, but in the long run we will always save you more money than an unskilled designer will. We will also turn the project around faster. Having a good CAD designer is like having a good accountant, they will save you money in countless ways you’re not even aware of. We are liscensed and certified solidoworks professionals. Solidworks is the industry leading 3d CAD/CAM design software which is the greatest tool any designer can have. Its not cheap and takes a couple years to become competent and even longer to be fluent.
Solidworks-Advanced-weldments-professional-certificate-Elliot Colley

Our 3D CAD modelling Portfolio

Our promise, read this if nothing else!
3D CAD design services that do not provide superior quality and cost saving always die sooner or later. Its natural selection when businesses compete. So we have no confusion about what it takes to thrive in this business. OUR SOLE INTENT IS TO OFFER THE BEST QUALITY DESIGN SERVICES AT THE CHEAPEST CONCIEVABLE COST PERIOD! QUALITY, THEN COST. IN THAT ORDER. BLACK AND WHITE, ALL FEE'S 100% TRANSPARENT, NO HIDDEN SHORTCUTS, NO B**L S**T, JUST PROPERLY BUILT 3D DESIGN MODELS. If our customers are happy, our chances of repeat, or word of mouth business increase, its that simple.

80% of our businesses income is repeat business, which is the nature of any organically growing 3d CAD design services. Customer aquisition is not cheap, the most direct route to growth is happy, well informed, REPEAT customers that are treated with respect.

Every word on this website was written by myself the lead designer & business owner. Honesty is my core belief in business and life and its the guiding star which gets my clients results for competitive costs.

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